Areas of Service

MEC‘s activities focus on the various phases of the project from start to completion. From the selection of designers, consultants and engineers, through design management and coordination, preparation of RFPs, negotiations and selection of contractors, construction management, and supervision on site until the completion and occupancy of the project.

Project Management

Every project is managed by experienced professional team, under a senior PM and with the involvement of MEC’s director. Construction phase is fully monitored by experienced supervisors.

MEC provides the vast scope of services:
The clients can order all or partial services for the different phases of the project.
The management, coordination and supervision are provided for building construction, infrastructure and economy of construction.

Bid Review & Technical Evaluation

Bid Review/Tabulation.

Formal and financial supervising of contractors’ proposals based on the terms of the bid.

Comparative analysis of the proposals.

Conducting negotiations with contractors.

Professional recommendations on the selection of the contractor.

Drawing up the technical/administrative aspect of the contract in collaboration with the client’s legal adviser.

Construction Management

Engineering coordination and management of the various contractors.

On-site supervision on the quality of the works and manufacturing.

Approval of building materials and equipment prior to arrival to the construction site.

Testing the compatibility of the materials with the project, including laboratory tests.

Directing the contractors in accordance with the consultants’ instructions.

Monitoring of progress to meet the schedule.

Checking and approving the contractors’ valuations based on onsite measurements and calculation of quantities in compliance with the contract specifications.

Budget monitoring and control.

Claims management – consultation with regards to claims or disputes with a contractor.

Reporting to the Client on the work progress and performance, and on-going budget reports.

Design Management

Inspection of the property – studying the designated project site including existing buildings and infrastructure.

Preparation of estimates for the different stages of the project, Value engineering.

Responsibility for on-site mapping, surveying and soil tests.

Budgeting – preparation of programs and economic evaluations.

Scheduling of planning phases.

Design coordination and follow-up of the planning process.

Supporting and guiding the consultants and architects during the preparations of specifications and BOQ.

Requests for Proposals – preparing the RFP together with the professional consultants and the client’s legal adviser, including professional proofreading.

Preparation of a comprehensive project budget.