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MEC’s projects are published in the press and by our project managers in internal publications describing the projects and their experience throughout the project’s life.

Huge demand for Ichilov staff tower | 274 rental apartments were allotted among the hospital's employees in just three weeks. | Shlomit Tsur

Promoter: Shikun u'Binui Solel Boneh Infrastructures Ltd. | Architect: Mansfeld-Kehat Architects
Marketing of the residential tower being erected at the corner of Dafna and Henrietta Szold Streets on the site of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital) at a cost of tens of millions of shekels has been completed. The tower, being constructed by Arison Holdings Ltd. subsidiary Shikun u'Binui Solel Boneh Infrastructures Ltd., is slated for occupancy in September. The 20-story tower's 274 apartments are designated for leasing by the hospital's staff at NIS 2,868 a month. Eldar Real Estate Marketing finished marketing the apartments among the hospital's 700 employees within three weeks. The 274 tenants include doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and maintenance staff, with an emphasis on essential jobs in areas such as trauma, transplants, and so forth, for which proximity of living quarters to the hospital enables personnel to arrive sooner at work in an emergency. Ichilov employees had a choice of 25-square meter studio apartments, 36-square meter two-room apartments, or 56-square meter three-room apartments. They are entitled to rent the apartments for their own use as long as they work at the hospital. Among other things, the building includes ...

CA Technologies | ArchDaily

Promoter: CA Technologies | Architect: Setter Architects
We are happy to share the CA Technologies project, which was published on the American website  Archdaily

Apple takes a bite out of Israel’s high tech scene | Article in ynetnews | Sagi Cohen, Israel Wullman

Promoter: Apple | Architect: Yashar Architects | Architect Interior: Danny Grynhaus
The technology giant has quietly created a hardware development center in Israel, where engineers are crafting top-secret future products; it has so far invested $1.2 billion in Israel and continue to eagerly recruit new Israeli employees. For full article:  Apple takes a bite out of Israel's high tech scene